The team understands start-ups and entrepreneurs, it has built over 10 companies and has > 45 years of experience in early-stage VC :
David Van Tieghem
David, a partner at Seeder Fund, has a series of professional experiences that are invaluable to both the fund and our entrepreneurs. As founder of Opendeal, he experienced the various evolutionary phases and pain points of a startup that was eventually sold to eBay. As co-founder of the Sherpa 1 & 2 funds, he has a wealth of experience as a venture capitalist. In addition, he worked for several years as the head of the Business Angels network, which provides financing to a large variety of companies.
Eric Vandoorne
Eric’s experience is highly diverse with a variety of critical positions he has held in Belgium and beyond. As an entrepreneur (he is the founder of six companies in turnkey industrial construction, procurement, consultancy and investment), entrepreneurial coach, manager of an investment fund and Director of public and private companies in various sectors (energy, health care, environment, agricultural industry, real estate, finance and government), his breadth of expertise has proven hugely beneficial to the team.L’expérience d’Eric Vandoorne se caractérise par la diversité des métiers qu’il a exercés, tant en Belgique qu’à l’étranger, notamment en tant qu’entrepreneur (à travers la création d’une demi-douzaine de sociétés actives dans des domaines tels que : – réalisations industrielles clé en main – procurement – consultance – et investissements), de coach entrepreneurial, de gestionnaire de fonds d’investissement, et d’administrateur de sociétés privées et publiques, ainsi que par son exposition multisectorielle (énergie, santé, environnement, agro-industrie, immobilier, finance, secteur public, etc.).
Pierre-François Hellebuyck
Pierre-François has been an integral member of the Seeder Fund team since 2017. His focus is to find the most promising entrepreneurs and partner with them from as early a stage as possible. Previously, Pierre-François joined the founding team of a digital startup active in the energy sector. Pierre-François holds a MS degree in Business Engineering from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management.
Isabelle Tennstedt
Isabelle Tennstedt joined Seeder Fund in June 2022. Prior to joining Seeder Fund, Isabelle was Investment Manager at PMV for early stage companies. Before that, she was active in Financial Services at ING and BNP Paribas Fortis and as consultant at Bain & Company. She holds a Master of Science in Engineering : Physics from Ghent University and a CFA.